2010. január 31., vasárnap

The Pilgrim's Progress (mp3)

John Bunyan's - The Pilgrim's Progress
(5 CD set 5 hrs. 22 min. mp3 audiobook)

“As I slept, I dreamed a dream.”

So begins one of the most beloved books in all of history. Few books besides the Bible have been translated, printed, and read as often as The Pilgrim’s Progress. John Bunyan’s classic allegory of Christian, the Pilgrim, on his perilous journey to the Celestial City has touched hearts and minds for more than three hundred years-and still the demand continues. Introduce a new generation to this memorable story filled with memorable characters — Evangelist, Charity, Hypocrisy, Goodwill, Obstinate, and Mr. Worldly Wiseman.

Each one offers a unique insight into the Christian life — its joys and trials, its opportunities and struggles. You’ll discover The Pilgrim’s Progress to be both challenging and entertaining.

430 MB MP3


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