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The world's biggest sinner countries

Australia, home to the world's biggest sinners?


London Times
Faith Central

Bess Twiston-Davies
January 26, 2010


Bess writes: Hats off to Archbishop Cranmer for picking up on this scintillating story from Focus, the BBC “magazine of science, technology and the future.”

The February edition, the Archbishop informs us, contains an article on entitled “Born to sin. Why nature wants you to be bad”.

It asks whether nature has programmed humanity to sin – something which personally strikes me as a highly convenient theory if you want to avoid taking personal responsibility for your actions.

Anyway, the article comes with arguments linking specific parts of the brain to each of the seven deadly sins and then looks at which of the world’s nations is the most sin prone. The answer? Australia!

Home to Neighbours, Kylie and the greatest sinners on earth – apparently.

Mind you the findings are pretty odd (see the table above): Iceland tops the table for Pride and also Sloth (are Icelanders are too proud to work?). Food is the great temptation in Central and North America: Mexico tops the table for Greed, and the USA for gluttony.

But wrath is the predominant weakness in South Africa, and sex in South Korea – which tops the list for lust.

The UK ranks overall sixth, and doesn’t even make the top 10 for either Pride or Lust. It makes me wonder - are we cold fish compared to other nations? Lacking the passion to either sin or be saints - often said to be two sides to the same coin?

I don’t know – what do you think? Which sin is the greatest in Britain and why?

What do you think the nation’s biggest sin? And are sins, as the Vatican suggested last year, gender specific?

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