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KJV New Testament - Dramatized Audio (mp3)

KJV New Testament
Dramatized Audio

Hands-Down the Finest Audio New Testament You Can Own. The KJV Audio Bible is more than a Bible you listen to. It’s an experience that helps you enter into God’s Word ... So God's Word can enter into you. Read by professional readers.

Introducing the KJV New Testament Dramatized Audio CD Bible, a fresh new recording of the New Testament in the classic King James Version. From Zondervan, the world’s leading Bible publisher. Featuring some of the world’s best voice talent, original music, and engaging book introductions, the KJV New Testament Dramatized Audio Biblesets a new standard. Features: • The New Testament—16-CD set • King James Version—the beloved, richly poetic classic translation: a timeless treasure • Multiple-voice dramatization brings the Bible to life with world-class narration and colorful, engaging character renderings • Fully orchestrated background with sound effects provides maximum enhancement of the reading • Digital recording delivers excellent clarity and audio quality • Brief book introductions give you a quick, preparatory overview of each book of the Bible • Running time approximately 18 hours • Lifetime guarantee stands behind this product’s performance

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