2010. február 26., péntek

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible (mp3)

James Earl Jones Reads the Bible
Complete New Testament


With a voice as rich as it is recognized, James Earl Jones brings the King James Version of the New Testament alive in this Bible on CD. The Oscar-nominated, Emmy and Tony Award-winning actor has been called one of the most versatile actors and voiceover artists of our time. In more than 19 hours on 14 digitally remastered compact discs, James Earl Jones Reads the Bible interprets the most enduring book of all time. Bonus CD: Old Time Gospel

Product Features
  • Complete New Testament (King James Version)
  • Read by the amazing James Earl Jones
  • 19+ hours of listening on 14 digitally remastered discs
  • Includes unique leatherette-bound storage book
  • Bonus CD! Old Time Gospel Hymns by the NashvilleFaith Choir

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