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Zondervan Bible Study Library - Leader's Edition 5.0 (CD-ROM)

Bible Study Library
Leader's Edition 5.0

A Bible study reference guide built on the New International Version (NIV) based reference system. Provides the relationship of the NIV word to the Greek or Hebrew allowing to conduct thorough original language studies. Contains study resources, devotionals, commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, encyclopedias, biblical languages, creeds, and includes eight different Bible translations.

Download 191 MB .RAR / 260 MB .GI:

NOTE: .GI extensions can be burned on CDs with compatible software only, also can be opened or mounted on local drives with softwares like PowerISO or IsoBuster.

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Szia, találtam több információ GI-formátumban a honlapon file-extensions.org.

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Nekem a PowerISO vált be, de néhány image-file-t könnyeben kezel pl. az IsoBuster, illetve a a .vcd-ket a Virtual Drive Manager.

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