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RC Sproul: Defending Your Faith (mp3)

Sproul, R. C.
Defending Your Faith: An Introduction to Apologetics
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Sproul's survey of apologetics demonstrates how rational inquiry and empirical research serve to support Christianity's claims rather than undermining them. Now in paperback.

From the classroom to the mainstream media, Christians regularly find their fundamental beliefs discounted by opponents who consider faith to be incompatible with reason. But in this apologetics primer-now in paperback-respected theologian R. C. Sproul sets forth the core claims of the faith to reveal just how rational Christianity is.

As Sproul surveys history's streams of thought, he uncovers the common ideologies that work against faith and affirms four principles of knowledge that are necessary for all legitimate discussion. He then demonstrates how reason and scientific inquiry serve as allies in defending two of the most strategic priorities of Christian apologetics: the existence of God and the authority of the Bible.

Defending the faith is not a luxury but a task appointed by God as Christians bear witness to their faith before the world. Readers who want a convincing, biblical defense of that faith will find this book an indispensable resource for personal, small-group, or classroom use.

Starting from the ground up, Sproul does an excellent job of walking anyone (Christian, Muslim, agnostic, atheist, etc.) through the reasonable and logical framework of why to believe in anything, and specifically, why the Christian worldview fits with what true philosophy and the natural revelation all around us says about God.

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