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The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible (mp3)

Robert J. Hutchinson
Politically Incorrect Guide to the Bible

In the beginning, the Bible triggered a revolution in human thought and later established Western civilization's moral and philosophical foundation. Many people though-from authors to pundits-mock it for their own purposes and political agendas. However, the Bible remains the bestselling book of all time, believed by nearly two billion people (Christians and Jews) to be divinely inspired. In his hard-hitting new book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to The Bible, author Robert J. Hutchinson details the facts behind the numerous truths the anti-religious secularists don't want you to know about, including:

  • Recent archaeological discoveries confirm the historical accuracy of many Bible stories
  • The Bible made modern science possible (which is why it started in the Middle Ages)
  • Biblical laws paved the way for democracy and limited government
  • The Bible promotes human freedom
  • The enemies of the Bible are enemies of true reason and tolerance.

In this new installment in the bestselling P.I.G. series, Hutchinson silences the secularists and atheists with historical evidence, undeniable facts, and insightful revelations-proving why the Bible is still the bestselling book of all time-and so much more.

Robert J. Hutchinson, a veteran religion writer, studied philosophy as an undergraduate, moved to Israel to study Hebrew, and earned an M.A. in biblical studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. He writes frequently on the intersection of religion and popular culture. He lives in Southern California with his wife and five children.

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