2009. október 28., szerda

Salvador Dali: Biblia Sacra


The Biblia Sacra suite consists of 105 color mixed-technique lithographs after 105 watercolor paintings created by Dali between 1963 and 1964. Each Biblia Sacra was comprised of five volumes, bound in richly tooled leather, containing the text of the Bible along with the 105 lithographs. Dr. Giuseppe Albaretto arranged to have the Biblia Sacra published by Rizzoli Editions of Mediolani, Italy, with himself as the editor.

The Park West Gallery Biblia Sacra

The Park West Gallery Biblia Sacra Collection includes bound Bibles with illustrations hand-signed by Salvador Dali as well as numerous hand-signed individual works, all of which have been acquired directly from the Mastella Collection. Over several years, Mr. Mastella and Dr. Albaretto collected Biblia Sacra images and bound Bibles. Many pieces in his collection were hand-signed by Dali at the request of Mr. Mastella and Dr. Albaretto, who made the arrangements for the signing sessions.


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