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Holographic Technology for Multi-Site Churches?

Holographic Technology

Mar 1 2010

I had a fascinating visit last week with the guys at Clark at their home offices near Atlanta. They took me into their new theater where I was able to see a demonstration of their holographic technology. It’s very likely the future of video for churches that are embracing technology to deliver content to multi-site locations.


Check out the picture above. That’s me on the right. That’s a holograph on the left. It’s my first time sharing the platform with a holograph.

Pricing is coming down quickly to the point that I won’t be surprised if we see this technology implemented in churches within the next 12 months. Interestingly enough, this solution that Clark is offering is unique in that churches don’t have to use special cameras to capture the content and deliver the holographic images.

I love these days we live in. It’s amazing to me how quickly technology is shifting the way we interact with each other.

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