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Jesus ultrasound picture used in Christmas advertising campaign

Jesus ultrasound picture used in campaign
An ultrasound picture of Jesus in the womb - complete with halo - is to be used for a Christmas advertising campaign.

09 Jun 2010


The ChurchAds.net image, with the words ''He's on his way'' is the latest in a series of Christian Christmas advertising campaigns and follows an image last year of the nativity as a bus stop.

Francis Goodwin, chairman of ChurchAds, said: ''This is the kind of thing proud 'parents-to-be' show their friends and family - passing round the scan of the baby, or even pinning it up in the office.

Our poster reflects this new way of announcing the news of a new arrival and places the birth of Christ in an ultra-contemporary context.''

The Rt Rev Stephen Cottrell, the Bishop of Reading, said: ''For many parents pregnancy gets real when you see the image from the ultrasound scan. It tells you something is actually kicking off.

''We've got so used to the tinsel wrapped cosiness of the carefully packaged 21st century consumer-fest Christmas, that its astonishing reality - an actual pregnancy, a God come down to Earth - is easily missed.''

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