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Bárhol vagy - Wherever You Are - 2008 (film)

Bárhol vagy
(Wherever You Are)
feliratos amerikai rövidfilm

Director: Karl Horstmann
Writer: Michael Lister, Max Lucado

A tékozló fiú története napjainkban, amely nem fiúról, hanem egy lányról szól, aki függetleníteni akarja magárt a szülői háztól ...


A short movie based on a story written by Max Lucado.

The film tells a modern prodigal story through Katherine, a young woman who makes all the wrong choices only to be welcomed home by her loving father. This emotional tale of rebellion and redemption is a wonderful illustration of God's love for us as outlined in John 3:16 and will be enjoyed by viewers of all ages.

The film Wherever You Are an excellent tool to reach out to non-believers with a positive message of hope and love during this Easter Season and beyond. Either in your neighborhood or your church, these movie be given away, touching those who need to hear this unique presentation of God's love.

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Bárhol vagy - Wherever You Are - 2008
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