2010. november 23., kedd

Wesley - 2009 (film)


Director: John Jackman

The year is 1732. John Wesley, an irritatingly self-righteous instructor at Oxford is offered the chance to go to the new colony of Georgia, where he hopes to preach to the Indians. During the voyage, the ship encounters a violent storm; overwhelmed with the fear of death, Wesley begins to doubt the validity of his faith In Georgia, Wesley's plans are waylaid: he is not able to do much preaching among the native tribes, and falls in love with Sophy Hopkey, the beautiful niece of the local magistrate. When the star-crossed romance fails to produce a proposal from the angst-ridden young minister, Sophy marries another; bitterness explodes between the two until one day Wesley publicly refuses to serve Holy Communion to Sophy. He is arrested for defamation of character - and is to be tried by Sophy's uncle! There will be no fair trial here. Escaping from Savannah, he returns to England in failure and shame...

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2 megjegyzés:

Stud. Theol. írta...

A két John Wesley film (1954 és 2009) letölthető - román felirattal egyelőre.

Andris írta...

Orosz nyelven rengeteg keresztyén filmet lehet letölteni, konyha narrációval, felirattal nem is beszélve. érdemes lenne ezzel foglalkozni, és lennének támogatók ennek az elvégzésére